56th Antalya Film Festival: Back to the starting points

The 56th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival began on Oct. 26 with the conventional cortege and the premiere night at the Sports Hall. Entertainers and on-screen characters of film and TV welcomed general society during the three hours, while the cortege with old vehicles floated along the lanes of Antalya.

There was an astonishing group on the avenues waving hands to welcome the specialists. This was a scene that can’t be seen at any film celebration around the globe. The current year’s immense intrigue was likely because of the arrival of the National Competition to the celebration.

The initial function likewise underlined the arrival of the celebration to the inceptions, through a respect to the well known star of Turkish Cinema, Türkan Şoray and the privileged honors given to three veteran craftsmen. The chairman of Antalya Metropolitan City, Muhittin Böcek, underscored the significance of film in his own life, saying that he understood outside film screenings during his childhood.

Antalya Sports Hall with a limit of 10,000 seats was totally full at this initial function, and Şoray was in tears when she saw the overwhelming applause. She got the main Best Actress Award of the celebration 56 years back, with “Acı Hayat” (Bitter Life).

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Şoray’s image taken from this film shows up on the banner of the current year’s celebration. Şoray stated, “Specialty of film is the regular estimation of mankind. It is a wonder, and it contacts the lives of individuals.” She additionally referenced the important work of the new age of producers.

Pastor of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy additionally gave a short discourse where he referenced the improvements of the Turkish film industry and the new motivators made by the new film law.

The two Honorary Awards went to Selma Güneri. Ahmet Mekin. Güneri was the most youthful film star who got the Best Actress grant, at 15 years old, with “Child Kuşlar” (The Last Birds). Mekin, the celebrated entertainer of the meaningful movies “Bir Türke Gönül Verdim” (I Loved a Turk), “Düğün” (Wedding) and “Al Yazmalım” (Red Scarf), underlined the significance of the Antalya Festival and committed his honor to the originator of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Güneri underlined the job of Yeşilçam throughout the entire existence of Turkish film and furthermore commended Atatürk for his accomplishments. The referencing of Atatürk’s name by the two on-screen characters made a roar of praise at the Sports Hall.

The third prize at the service was Yıldırım Önal Memorial Award given to veteran entertainer Can Kolukısa. While he took the honor from the hands of his child, columnist on-screen character Emrah Kolukısa, he said this was the best respect of his lifetime.

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