Feasting tables for six to eight or more individuals


In the event that you have a committed eating space, fill it with an extraordinary looking table. These huge scope tables (extending from 54 to 92 inches in length) seat six to eight easily, and you can situate more in case you’re willing to press.

IKEA Möckelby Table

The IKEA Mockelby Table and seats in a light filled kitchen.

The IKEA Möckelby offers probably the best worth we’ve found for a huge table. Buyers state it’s positively constructed and simple to assemble. Photograph: IKEA

Our pick

IKEA Möckelby Table

IKEA Möckelby Table

Best huge table

At a little more than 92 inches, this solid table is a decent alternative for an enormous eating zone. It’s less expensive than comparable size models and has cleaner lines than most rural farmhouse tables.

$630 from IKEA

Why it’s incredible: In evident IKEA style, the Möckelby gives you a great deal of table for your buck. It’s the greatest, most attractive table we could discover under $1,000. With a lighter, troubled completion and outdoor table-style development, this table has an easygoing, rural look, but since it has clean lines and marginally spread legs, it’s more adaptable style-wise than other farmhouse-enlivened tables. We found the Möckelby entirely agreeable because of a shallow cover and generally positioned legs, and the middle bar was a shockingly decent hassock. This table isn’t costly thinking about that it is the biggest one in this gathering, and it felt strong and strong in the store. In spite of the fact that this model is a facade table, we haven’t read any client objections about it chipping.

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Blemishes yet not dealbreakers: The floor model we took a gander at was fit as a fiddle, yet we stressed that the crease down the center of the table could be a scrap catcher. Despite the fact that the aces we met said they suggested against wood facade mounted over particleboard on the grounds that such structures are less strong after some time, this model gives you a great deal of table space, and the purchaser audits we saw were certain. IKEA doesn’t offer a guarantee, in any case, and given the significant expense of delivery, you might be in an ideal situation purchasing your table in the store on the off chance that you can.

Measurements: 92½ by 39⅜ by 29⅛ inches (LWH)

Materials: oak facade

CB2 Silverado Chrome 80″ Rectangular Dining Table

The CB2 silverado chrome and glass table on a wooden floor.

This table gives you a great deal of feasting territory, and the glass top and intelligent legs assist it with occupying substantially less visual room than a strong wood table. Photograph: CB2

Our pick

CB2 Silverado Chrome 80″ Rectangular Dining Table

CB2 Silverado Chrome 80″ Rectangular Dining Table

A decent table for light visual effect

More affordable and more current looking than comparative size glass tables, the Silverado is a decent alternative on the off chance that you need a huge table that will carry a vaporous feel to a room.

$450 from CB2

Why it’s extraordinary: Glass-top tables will in general look either resplendent and antiquated or too office-modern, however the straightforward style of the 80-inch CB2 Silverado Chrome Rectangular Dining Table will mix with a wide scope of insides. This table is reasonable for its size, and more affordable than equivalently measured glass-top tables from different retailers (and numerous other eating tables from CB2). Since the glass is transparent and the legs are intelligent, the table won’t look as large in a room as a strong wood table would. CB2 additionally sells a 72-inch variant and a model with metal legs for a somewhat extraordinary look. The base is very much positioned for utilizing the full border of the table, and in light of the fact that this model has no table cover, it’s useful for individuals with longer legs.

Imperfections however not dealbreakers: The outside of the floor model we saw was very damaged. Use placemats with this table and keep away from seats with arms, which can chip the sides. Also, know that in spite of the fact that glass cleans effectively, it will show any spill or unique finger impression. CB2 offers no guarantee and a constrained merchandise exchange.

Measurements: 80 by 36 by 29¼ inches (LWH)

Materials: glass, with chrome or metal legs

CB2 Paradigm 54″ Dining Table

The CB2 worldview wood and marble table on a wooden floor.

CB2’s Paradigm table has more basic styling than other marble tables we considered. The stone may recolor effectively, yet it will oppose chips and scratching more than wood. Photograph: CB2

Our pick

CB2 Paradigm 54″ Dining Table

CB2 Paradigm 54″ Dining Table

Traditionally styled marble and metal table

This model looks more ageless than other marble tables we considered, and the top will oppose temperature changes and conceivably chip not as much as wood, yet it can likewise recolor more.

$1,100 from CB2

Why it’s extraordinary: The 54-inch CB2 Paradigm Dining Table joins two major home-stylistic theme patterns, marble and metal. In spite of the fact that this model is the most pattern forward table among our suggestions, its basic shape makes it more averse to look dated following a time of utilization. The surface is a slender bit of Carrara marble (estimating about 33% of an inch) stuck to an aluminum center to make a ¾-inch-thick section. Other marble-look tables we saw (at Crate and Barrel, for instance) had entirely noticeable scratches, sensational veining that made them look counterfeit, or such a large number of stylish subtleties to where they would become dated rapidly. The slim, broadly divided legs on the Paradigm give you a lot of edge to include seats. In light of the shallow cover, we thought that it was agreeable to sit at. It additionally arrives in a 80-inch form. Note that marble is progressively impervious to temperature changes and chips and scratches than wood, yet it very well may be powerless to recoloring.

Defects however not dealbreakers: The outside of the floor model we took a gander at had bunches of little scratches, yet they were obvious just when we got exceptionally close. Marble will recolor more effectively than wood or glass. CB2 offers no guarantee and a little bring window back. The cost has gone marginally above $1,000 since we initially distributed this guide, however we despite everything think this table is a decent choice.

Measurements: 54 by 35 by 30½ inches (LWH)

Materials: marble top, iron legs with metal completion

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