Hollywood couple takes a commemoration excursion and plays sightseers in Istanbul

Institute grant-winning entertainers Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas set out on a world visit to praise the twentieth commemoration of their marriage, and the couple showed up in Istanbul on Jan. 3 after an Africa venture.

The couple, together with their kids Dylan and Carys, came to Istanbul on a Turkish Airlines departure from Darussalam, the capital of Tanzania, and went to the lodging where they will remain until Jan. 8.

The pair needed to stop by a sweets store in Balat on Jan. 4, in light of the fact that the dad of Zeta-Jones was a previous candy parlor.

The couple, who ate at a fish café in Bebek, took a Bosphorus voyage on an extravagance vessel.

After lunch and the visit, the pair decided to come back to their lodging situated in the upscale local location of Nişantaşı.

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A Grand Bazaar fan

The Chicago on-screen character and her significant other have been benefiting as much as possible from their ongoing ventures.

Alongside guaranteeing that the whole family inundates themselves in the assortment of differing societies, Zeta-Jones as made a special effort to record the family’s time away on her Instagram page.

Preceding entering Istanbul, the whole family was investigating the East African island of Zanzibar.

Zeta-Jones said in a meeting that she came to Turkey a few times and that she had adored the Grand Bazaar, as per Hürriyet every day.

The film star will incorporate the 550-year-old chronicled shopping arcade on her Istanbul visit

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